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Debt Negotiation Services Programs and Advice

Debt Shield is a debt negotiation company dedicated to assisting consumers who are dealing with unsecured debt resulting from financial or personal hardship. Our debt negotiation company is based out of Columbia, Maryland, and serves clients throughout the United States. Our team has decades of experience and are knowledgeable in the debt settlement, consumer credit counseling, collections and banking industries. Our Chief Executive Officer is a leading national authority on debt law and has operated debt settlement, consumer credit counseling, financial-literacy and tax debt negotiation companies throughout the country.

At Debt Shield we are committed to providing exceptional debt negotiation services to our clients, and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. There are many companies that claim to have the best debt negotiation program available but Debt Shield is the only debt negotiation company that stands behind its debt negotiation services, as well as having no hidden fees.

Take a look at our debt negotiation services, and see why Debt Shield is fast becoming the industry leader:

Debt Negotiation Service:

Our debt services include debt negotiation and settlement programs designed to assist you towards becoming debt free. As important as it is that you understand what we do, we also think it is important that you understand what we do not do. At Debt Shield:

  • We do not provide consumer credit counseling, and we are not paid by your creditors. Once we negotiate a settlement agreement with your creditors they are paid through one lump sum payment.
  • We are not a credit repair program, and we do not report or attempt to affect the credit reporting process in any way.
  • We do not lend or advance you money to pay your creditors.
  • Our debt negotiation service is not a form of bankruptcy. Our services are designed as an alternative to bankruptcy.

Debt Negotiation Advice:

Our consultants are well trained and highly qualified to provide you with debt negotiation advice suitable for your individual situation, and our client-centered approach is designed to make you feel at ease during this very stressful time.

It is important to understand that each debt negotiation and settlement situation is different, and our consultants will help you set realistic expectations as to the possible outcome of your case. What we can do is provide you with solid debt negotiation advice based on your individual circumstances, including your ability to allocate funds towards settlement, your past payment history with creditors and your personal or financial hardship. Once we assess your individual circumstances, we will offer a debt negotiation service that is custom tailored to your situation.

Debt Negotiation Program:

Our program is unique and specifically designed for individual consumers who:

  • Cannot afford their minimum monthly payments;
  • Are considering bankruptcy; or
  • Cannot see any way to make progress in their financial life

Our debt negotiation program is created to benefit creditors, the court system and most importantly you, the consumer, and allows you to honorably resolve your debt and focus your efforts on living your life.

By negotiating a settlement with your creditors our debt negotiation program allows you to pay them a portion of the money you owe, and takes your collection or bankruptcy case off the court’s docket. We help you avoid bankruptcy and make things better for creditors and the court systems.

For a free consultation and to learn more about the debt negotiation service that is right for you contact us - one of our experienced consultants is ready to assist you.


Disclaimer: Debt Shield, Inc. does not provide legal, tax or investment advice. Debt Shield, Inc. does not assist in the repair, modification, improvement, extension or correction of credit entries or reporting.

Debt Shield's debt negotiation services and advice programs can help get you out of debt quickly and easily.